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We Want To Know Your Husband's Funniest Fail

They try, they really try.

Obviously, husbands mean well.


But sometimes they fall totally β€” and hilariously β€” short.

Daniel Eslinger / Via Twitter: @RDODanielE

So tell us about your husband's funniest fail.

wheretheeffismyhandbook / Via

Maybe it was the time he tried to help out with the chores and well, didn't.

billminton / Via

Or it might have been the time he accidentally texted you β€”and all your friends β€” something personal.

reddhott88 / Via

Or maybe it was the time he took "what's mine is yours" to a level you weren't quite prepared for.

shopgrayandcompany / Via

Whatever your husband's funniest fail was, we want to hear about it! Tell us in the Dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.