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16 Kids Whose Clapbacks Left Their Parents Roasted To A Crisp

"I don't follow rules. I follow dogs on social media."

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1. This kid, who is totally self-aware:

Leigh Ann Martin / Via Twitter: @LeighAnnMartin8

2. This kid, who sees what you're doing here:

Joy L. S. Hoffman / Via Twitter: @joy_hoffman

3. This kid, who follows your exact instructions:

Meghan / Via Twitter: @greenemeghan

4. And this kiddo, who isn't wrong:

Bree K / Via Twitter: @breenix23

5. This kid, who calls out your optimism:

Christine Bowles / Via Twitter: @MrsCMBowles

6. This kid, who throws all the backdoor shade:

Debbie Lozo / Via Twitter: @JesterCoDebLozo

7. This kid, who is hard to impress:

Colleen M / Via Twitter: @crmeado

8. And this kid, whose sass is so 2017 it hurts:

Josefina / Via Twitter: @EdnaJosefina

9. This kid, who will give you what you want:

Casia Courtier / Via Twitter: @CasiaCourtier

10. This kid, who knows your limitations:

(((Lisa Kawalek))) / Via Twitter: @healthywhovian

11. This kid, who's not calling you crazy, but:

Kirstyn Rempel / Via Twitter: @KirstynRempel

12. This kid, who is really brilliant with wordplay:

Kim Mannix / Via Twitter: @KimMannix

13. This kid, who gives credit where credit is due:

Sharie / Via Twitter: @grIefgrEif

14. This kid, who is sarcastic even via text:

Teresa echols / Via Twitter: @Tmechols

15. This kid, who tells it like it is:

Michele / Via Twitter: @MicheleYerges

16. And this kid, who just gives it to you straight the fuck up:

Kari Buffalo / Via Twitter: @karibuffalo

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