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    15 Seriously Hysterical Wives Who Grabbed Their Spouses By The Funny Bone And Wouldn't Let Go

    Marriage is NOT supposed to be this funny.

    1. This wife, who hung this piece of art in the bathroom, and didn't quite understand why her spouse couldn't stop laughing:

    A piece of art on a wall

    2. This wife, who's a kindergarten teacher and brought home her student's hilarious assignment:

    "this shit"

    3. This wife, who grew this hysterically, er, interestingly shaped carrot:

    An oddly shaped carrot

    4. This wife, who set this seriously funny phone reminder for herself:

    "Reminder: you had beets last night. It's not blood"

    5. This wife, who hung these teeny tiny photos on the huge wall:

    Tiny pictures on a wall

    6. This wife, who gave herself a haircut and almost gave her spouse a heart attack when they opened the trash can:

    A trash full of hair

    7. And this wife, who didn't want to stand on a ladder to do some home improvement work, so she made herself this hilarious contraption to reach high places:

    Tongs in Spackle

    8. This wife, who has a hilariously random morning routine:

    A bunch of alarms on an iPhone

    9. This wife, who spent all day looking for the ice tray she made, only to finally find it here:

    An ice tray stuck to a freezer shelf

    10. This wife, who asked one of her dinner guests if they had any allergies, and after they responded that they were allergic to bees, she got hilariously clever:

    "No bees included"

    11. This wife, who hides a skeleton around the house for her spouse to find, and one day, put it here:

    A skeleton in a bathroom

    12. This wife, who took a photo of a fish at an aquarium, and then promptly showed the fish the photo:

    Someone showing a fish a photo

    13. This wife, whose chocolate-covered strawberry reminded her spouse of a hippo eating a strawberry:

    Closeup of a chocolate-covered strawberry

    14. This wife, who made this grocery list for her spouse:

    "Bread. Cucumber. Fanta."

    15. And finally, this wife, who left her spouse this warning note — which they thought was a joke — then, their laughter turned to terror when they realized it was real:

    "Note scorpion near ceiling behind you"