17 Wives Who Made Their Spouses Sigh And Say, "My Wife, The Comedian"

    Their sense of humor is unmatched.

    1. This wife, whose husband wanted a picture of her in her bra, so she texted him exactly that:

    2. This wife, who thought it would be funny to leave this in the refrigerator for her husband to find in the morning:

    3. This wife, whose husband tore the crotch of his jeans, and she repaired them like this:

    4. This wife, who thought it would be funny to change her husband's phone to write "penis" whenever he wrote the word "love:"

    5. This wife, who told her husband there was a serious leak in the kitchen, and he found this:

    6. This wife, who got her husband this pair of underwear for Christmas:

    7. This wife, who renamed the Netflix profiles to scare the crap out of her spouse:

    8. This wife, who snuck around to her spouse's office window in her face mask and scared the crap out of them:

    9. And this wife, who renamed the Ring doorbell title from "front door" to, well, this:

    10. This wife, who had some fun with a Sharpie while her husband slept soundly:

    11. This wife, who gave her husband these themed snacks after his vasectomy:

    12. This wife, who left this not-so-sweet surprise for her spouse:

    13. And this wife, who gave her husband exactly what he wanted:

    14. This wife, who thought it would be funny to get a little, er, creative with the condiments on her husband's wrap:

    15. This wife, who trolled her husband while he was in the computer lab:

    16. This wife, whose husband forgot his lunch once, so she made sure that he'd never live it down:

    17. And this wife, who put poppers under the lid of the toilet seat to make sure her husband's trip to the bathroom was truly explosive: