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15 Seriously Funny Mother-Daughter Texts That Have Me Literally Holding My Sides

No one texts like mothers and daughters.

1. Moms. They make sure to keep their daughters updated on the important things:

2. They know you better than you know yourself:

3. They totally want the best for you:

4. And they're always there when their daughters need them:

5. Sometimes they make mistakes:

6. And other times, they do a little teasing about yours:

7. But they always come around eventually:

8. And they're in your corner, no matter what:

9. They can definitely be unpredictable at times:

10. And witty as hell at others:

11. But your secrets are totally safe with them:

12. And they'll always try to speak your language:

13. Even if they fail hilariously:

14. And at the end of the day, they make sure to let you know just how proud of you they are:

15. And that they'll always, always love you: