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17 Kids Who Asked Their Parents Adorably Pure – And Hilarious – Questions

"So does pot taste like pot roast?"

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1. This sweet kid, who follows school rules:

Mark Mark Mark / Via Twitter: @search

2. This kiddo, who asks important questions about the future:

3. This kid, who just wants things to add up:

Annie J Parris / Via Twitter: @annejparris

4. And this kid, who I hope is still this pure in her teen years:

Just Me / Via Twitter: @unknownmommy

5. This kid, who poses a great geographical question:

Popcorn Fairy / Via Twitter: @Dannie_L

6. This kid, who wants to know the important details:

Alexa Keckley / Via Twitter: @itsa_refLex

7. This kid, who poses an adorable medical question:

Chris Lowndes / Via Twitter: @chrislowndes

8. This kid, who thinks in superhero terms:

Danni Eickenhorst / Via Twitter: @STLDanni

9. And this kid, who is starting to get the gist of things:

Jessie Radies / Via Twitter: @jessieradies

10. This kid, who's clearly a deep thinker:

11. This sweet kid, who asks what we all want to know:

Gina M Poirier / Via Twitter: @GinaPoirier

12. This kiddo, who just wants to make sure:

Susan Shaffer / Via Twitter: @whatmykidssay1

13. And this kid, who just wants something to believe in:

Alison Stonecypher / Via Twitter: @stonecypherent

14. This sweet kiddo, who kinda has a point:

Jeffo / Via Twitter: @MaddogMills

15. This adorable kid, who's lining up coping mechanisms:

Katie Trejo / Via Twitter: @michaelhanson22

16. This kid, who wants to know what they're eating:

kita_sidra / Via Twitter: @Kenzie_Elles

17. And this kid, who like the rest of us, dares to dream:

jenlocati / Via Twitter: @jenlocati

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