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Professional Chefs Are Sharing The Mistakes We're All Making In The Kitchen, And These Are Really Good To Know, Y'all

"If you want to cut onions without the juices making you cry, chill them first."

There's no question about it — with all the recipe videos out there, we probably all think we're amateur chefs, amirite?


Well, Reddit user Joker042 asked professional chefs to share the mistakes we're all making in the kitchen, and you'll definitely want to take notes:

1. "Cooking too hot to speed things up. If the recipe calls for something to cook for one hour at 350 degress, cooking it at 425 degrees for 35 minutes is not a substitute. Some things just need to be cooked slowly and gently."

2. "Not using a thermometer when cooking meat." / Via

"By using a thermometer, even a novice cook can be sure they are cooking their meat to the desired level of doneness. A meat thermometer gives you confidence and precision."


3. "Putting oil in the pot when you're boiling pasta. If you do that, the sauce will just slide right off your pasta. The starchier the water, the better the sauce will stick."

angelidrees / Via


"And salt your pasta water liberally."


4. "Overcooking eggs. If the eggs are done cooking in the pan, they're overcooked on the plate."

5. "If you want to cut onions without the juices making you cry, chill them first, then chop them while they're chilled."

6. "Instead of adding more salt, try adding an acid instead. A splash of vinegar or lemon juice can make flavors pop without over salting."

familycarestl / Via


7. "Putting your knives in a drawer — it ruins the edges."

turningthepagemansion / Via


"Don't wash knives in the dishwasher, either. Kitchen knives should be carefully handwashed." —eseligsohn

"And keep your knives sharp! If they can't effortlessly cut through the skin of a tomato without applying pressure, they're too dull!" —toomanywheels

8. "Pressing burger patties down as they cook on the barbecue grill — you're just making them drier by squeezing out the juices."

artsacademystudios / Via

9. "Never add garlic and onions at the same time. Onions take about eight minutes to saute´, and garlic takes about thirty seconds. If you add them together, you'll get burnt, bitter garlic."

hotkisssalt / Via

10. "You're probably not using the proper knives for what you're cutting. I always catch my wife trying to cut meat with a bread knife."

shuncutlery / Via


"And build your knife skills. Spend $20 on vegetables and a few evenings with a sharp knife learning the classic cuts. This will give you so much more speed and confidence when prepping." —MurrayVonCurry

11. "Crack your eggs on a flat surface, not the side of a bowl or pan."

shannonsheehan24 / Via

12. "If you have to drain your rice after cooking it, you're doing it wrong. You should measure two cups of water for every cup of rice — and use proper measuring cups, not a coffee mug!"

favoritefamilyrecipes / Via

"Simmer on low after the initial boil — with the lid closed — and fluff with a fork about 3/4 of the way. There should be no liquid left if cooked properly."


13. "Clean as you go. Throw away trash, wipe up what you spill, get unnecessary utensils out of the way. If your kitchen looks like a tornado struck after you're done cooking, you fucked up."

mrsdawnrooney / Via

14. "Let the meat rest for the same amount of time it was cooked."

15. "Iodized salt (table salt) is not the same grade as kosher salt — it makes things taste way salty and metallic. So for cooking, go for either Morton's kosher salt or Diamond Crystal, which is a lighter, flaky salt. And keep it in a bowl, so you can just grab a pinch and season whatever you're cooking."

vanessalubinsky / Via

16. "I've even seen chefs on the Food Network cut the top off of bell peppers and then pull out the seeds. Bell peppers are shaped like a cube, so just slice from the top down on all four sides, and you will have easily sliceable pieces."

aurukito / Via

"The only time you slice the top off is if you need rings."


17. Always use fresh lemon, not that stuff in the little yellow bottle."

simplygreenmums / Via

18. "To cook bacon in the oven, start with a cold oven. Then rotate the baking sheet halfway through cooking for delicious, crispy bacon."

19. "The most important thing when boiling eggs is to put them in water that's already boiling, not cold water. This way, the skin doesn't fuse the shell and insides together."

20. "It's the fat that carries the flavor. So if you're going to saute´ something, put the herbs and spices in the butter or oil that's in the skillet, not in the flour you're using to bread the food."

tamutamu_organic_kitchen / Via

21. "My chef brother-in-law taught me how to deglaze a pan to make a sauce like a boss. Leave it hot, and douse it with a cup or more of wine, stock, or water, and you can turn even basic things into an amazing pan of goodness! The stuff in your pan that you're scrubbing off after you're done cooking is all the good shit, so learn to deglaze!"

sloejenn / Via

22. "Not sanitizing your hands and work area after handling raw meat, especially chicken. I can't count the number of time I've had to stop friends or family from chopping salad veggies on the same cutting board as raw meat or just running their hands under cold water for a second to 'clean' them."

kristinacandoit / Via

"The same thing goes for scrubbing your chicken cutting board with the same sponge you use for everything else. If it has touched raw meat, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and either soap or bleach."


23. "If you want perfect roasted potatoes that are crispy outside and fluffy inside, boil them in saltwater for about 5-10 minutes first, then roast them."

iliveinmykitchen / Via

24. "Not having things ready and in place. Have you ever been halfway done with a dish and realized you didn't have the cheese grated, and now everything is on hold (or overcooking!) while you grate it? Having everything ready to go at the start lets you add the ingredients when they need to be added."

25. "Cover the pan for eggs that are perfectly sunny side up."

austinj_cub / Via


26. "Just finished that awesome, delicious, home-cooked meal? Don't put it on a cold plate from the cabinet. Some ovens have a warm plate setting, or you could even keep a stack of plates in hot water and dry them off right before plating to keep the meal hot."

27. "And practice your recipes. Don't just find one risotto you like and never make a different one. Cook 10 different ones two or three times each. Doing this helps you understand the basics of how to make it, and will allow you to spot bad recipes, recognize good ones, and improvise without one."

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