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    17 Partners Of Pregnant Women Who Tweeted To Keep From Crying

    "My wife was crying because she couldn't find her socks...they were on her feet."

    1. This partner, who was at the receiving end of some hormonal texts:

    This is what life is like when you have a pregnant wife and you’re away from home 😂😂

    2. This partner, who made a terrible, terrible mistake:

    Bought my very pregnant wife some salt and vinegar crisps knowing how much she likes them. Then I ate them for lunch. If anyone needs me I'll be in a witness relocation program with a new name.

    3. This partner, who knows pregnancy brain is a force to be reckoned with:

    My wife was crying because she couldn’t find her socks ... they were on her feet. #pregnantwife #pregnantwifeproblems

    4. This partner, who wasn't thinking outside the box:

    Pregnant Wife: I've got an odd craving Me: Well we have some ice cream if- Wife: I want to eat a three

    5. This partner, who knows better than to touch that thermostat:

    It's so damn cold in my house that I'm going to form icicles hanging from my chin. #pregnantwifeproblems

    6. And this partner, who knows — without a doubt — that pregnant women are stronger than he'll ever be:

    My wife is the strongest woman I know. She’s six months pregnant and goes about her day never complaining. I wore a backpack today and had to stop for water four times.

    7. This partner, who makes the necessary sacrifices:

    DQ run for the wife for a blizzard in a blizzard.. #pregnantwifeproblems

    8. This partner, who knows that pregnancy has its ups and downs:

    Pregnancy is fun. Sometimes we watch him kick and sometimes we argue about the diff. between white and yellow cheddar #pregnantwifeproblems

    9. This partner, who got a crash course in pregnancy hormones:

    10:00AM - Best husband in the world 10:02AM - Why the fuck did I even marry you 10:04AM - Best husband in the world Repeat #MyPregnantwife

    10. This partner, who stocks up on the essentials:

    When you’re going out of town for the weekend and #pregnantwife.

    11. This partner, whose pain will never measure up to their pregnant wife's:

    Me: "Hunny, I've been shot." Wife: "Yeah, well at least you're not pregnant!" #mypregnantwife

    12. And this partner, who's taken "sympathy weight" to another level:

    Should I be concerned about 'sympathy weight' if today, my belly button popped out? #pregnantwife

    13. This partner, who knows that dad jokes start when the baby is still in the womb:

    My wife is pregnant and my doctor asked me if I had ever been present at a childbirth before. I said: “Yes just once.” He asked: “What was it like?” I replied: “It was dark, then suddenly very bright.”

    14. This partner, who put his tool belt to good use:

    Just had to crush ice with a hammer cause we don't have a blender strong enough. #PregnantWifeProblems

    15. This partner, who totally misheard her wife's morning greeting:

    Wife (wakes up): hi Me: hi Wife: no, I said pie. 😂 #pregnantwifeproblems

    16. This partner, who learned something new today:

    Second dinner is a real thing for a pregnant wife #PregnantWife #seconddinner #itsreal

    17. And this partner, who will probably be sleeping on the couch for a long, long time:

    PRO TIP When your angry, hungry, hormonal, pregnant, wife asks you, “Where do you want to eat?” “I dunno, probably separate rooms...” Is NOT the right answer...

    CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post misidentified the partner of one of these wives.