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    21 Totally Surprising Things That Happened To Women's Bodies After Pregnancy That They Were NOT Ready For

    "I grew skin tags...down there."

    We recently shared a post in which women shared the most shocking things that happened to their post-childbirth bodies, and they were shocking indeed:


    Well, our readers shared even more stories of unexpected post-pregnancy body changes in the comments, and they definitely delivered some doozies:

    1. "I have a patch of pubic hair that still hasn't grown back since my C-section. And my kid is 14 years old!"

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    2. "As my belly grew, my belly button moved more and more to one side of my body β€” I didn't even know your belly button could be off-center!"


    3. "My feet shrank from a size 7 to a 5 and a half!"


    4. "My leg hair completely stopped growing during both of my pregnancies, and now β€” almost four years after my last delivery β€” it still barely grows, is super light-colored, and only shows up in small patches."



    5. "I grew skin tags...down there."


    6. "My period got shorter. I now bleed insanely for two days, have normal bleeding for one day, and then just spotting. Hormones are crazy."


    7. "My pubic hair began growing in straight."



    8. "When I was a teenager, I had a mysterious bone infection in my leg that I had to have surgery for. I spent a decade living on Aleve, with considerable pain and a noticeable limp, but the doctors couldn't explain it. Then I got pregnant, and immediately after childbirth the pain in my leg was gone β€” it just straight-up disappeared!"

    "Doctors still have no explanation, but I'm finally happy and pain-free! And when my son asks about the scar on my leg, I tell him HE fixed that."


    9. "During pregnancy, I developed bald spots in my eyebrows that never grew back."


    10. "I got rhinitis during pregnancy that never went away, and I still can't smell things properly anymore. It has to be a very strong scent or very up close for me to smell it."


    "Also, my left nostril is always blocked, no matter what."


    11. "I never had problems with summer heat until I was eight weeks pregnant and passed out from heat stroke. Since then, my body physically cannot tolerate heat. If it gets to a certain temperature, I feel like my body is going to shut down completely."

    "It's so annoying, because I love being outside in the summertime!"


    12. "My hair went from kinky curly to pin straight! I never even knew that was a thing."


    13. "My grandma stopped having period cramps after she had her first kid, so that’s a ray of hope for the future!"



    14. "My eyesight got better."


    15. "Every time I throw up (from being sick) now, I pass out for five seconds, then come back. I had never passed out before pregnancy in my life, but now I always have to have a spotter!"


    16. "I gave birth years ago, and I still have hemorrhoids!"



    17. "My son's head slammed into my sciatic nerve a month before he was born, and I couldn't feel that leg for three years. Now it's been over a decade, and half of my foot is still numb!"


    18. "My mom's hair went from blonde to almost black!"

    "And she also went from having a butt to her butt completely disappearing."


    19. "Before getting pregnant, I had a bad gluten allergy that would cause my entire body to swell, and it just disappeared. And four years later, I still haven't had any issues."



    20. "My mom grew a single, super-long hair from her neck. She didn't even notice it until it was almost as long as the hair on her head."


    21. "I developed a serious allergy to alcohol after my second baby β€” it's awful!"

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    "But on the plus side, I'm a fantastic designated driver."


    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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