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    18 People Shared The Things Their Parents Think They're Hiding From Them, And They Are Funny, Heartbreaking, And Real

    "I found out the only reason they got married was because my mom was expecting me."

    Everyone with parents can probably point to a time they found out something their parents were hiding from them that made them go, "WHAAAAAAAT?"


    Well, I stumbled upon this old Reddit thread in which Reddit user 1plus6is7 asked people to share the things their parents think they're hiding from them, and they range from the totally funny to the heartbreakingly real:

    1. "I was a kid when my parents told me that my dog ran away. I found out a year later that they accidentally hit him with their car.


    "They quickly buried him the same evening so I wouldn't find out, and I only found out later because one of my dad's friends — who happened to witness it — let it slip once during dinner."


    2. "That my parents are swingers."


    3. "I recently found out my dad smokes weed when I went to a friend's house party where people were smoking it. It dawned on me that my dad smelled just like that house all the time."



    "I caught my parents smoking out of an acrylic bong when I was 6, but when I called them out on it a few years later, they tried to convince me I imagined it."


    4. "I discovered that my stepmom takes a lot of nudes. I was looking for a different picture on her phone for my dad and there they were — naked, in the shower, even some close-ups. I always assumed she took some, but I didn't expect quite as many."


    5. "That the only reason they got married was because my mom was expecting me."


    6. "My dad had a lot of porn on his computer and was terrible at hiding it. He gave me his old desktop computer to do my homework on, and it was like 72% porn! And the whole computer was sticky!

    "Of course, I immediately deleted everything without looking and cleaned the keyboard, mouse, and screen. But he should have at least deleted his shit before giving the computer to his 12-year-old!"


    7. "That my brother is their favorite."


    8. "The fact that they're having sex in the next room. They have a secret code that they think is so sneaky, but I know that whenever they're going to 'do the money,' they're actually going to have sex."



    9. "That my dad almost had an affair but backed out right beforehand."


    10. "My mom always tells me and my wife that she completely quit using Facebook. She doesn't realize that everyone can see her posts and comments...and that she logs on every day."


    11. "The fact that my mom and dad's marriage was my dad's fifth. He said it was his second."


    12. "I didn't find out until much later in life how close we were to being broke. Maybe it was because I was young or that they hid it so well, but I never felt like we were poor or couldn't do fun things. It was only a few years ago that my mom admitted there were actually times we were days away from losing our house."


    13. "When I was a kid, I had terrible anxiety and depression. I didn't even realize until I was 16 that my mom was struggling with the same problems."


    14. "Once, I overheard my mom quip to my dad that she let him put his dick in her ear once."


    15. "My dad plays this game called Wordscapes, and he looks up cheating strategies. I just pretend to act surprised when he shows me how fast he finishes levels."


    16. "My parents think I don't understand their dirty inside jokes. Once, my mom made steak for dinner and said, 'That's a big piece of meat.' My dad replied, 'Hmm, where have I heard that before?'"


    17. "My dad says that my aunt 'introduced' him and my mother — but I'm pretty sure he was dating my aunt first."


    18. "That my dad is cheating on his fiancé with a coworker...and that he's cheating on both of them with said coworker's husband."


    What about you? Have you ever discovered something your parents were hiding from you that sent you reeling? Tell us about it in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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