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19 People Share The Wedding Moment When They Realized The Couple Didn't Belong Together

"When the priest said, 'You may kiss the bride,' and she turned and gave the groom her cheek."

Have you ever attended a wedding in which there was a suuuuper cringeworthy moment that made it clear the couple probably wouldn't make it very long?

Well, Reddit user flyoverthemoon asked people to share the wedding moments that made them think, "These people should not be getting married," and these made me cringe so hard:

1. "When the officiant said, 'You may kiss the bride,' and the bride turned to give the groom her cheek."

2. "When the couple got into an epic fight over the marriage certificate and didn't make it to the reception until two hours after it started."


3. "The groom's car was stolen the morning of the wedding, and he spent the whole day swearing and punching inanimate objects because it was 'the most important thing' in his life."


4. "When the bride spent most of the reception talking to one of the groomsmen, and the groom spent most of the reception flirting with one of the groomsmen."

5. "I was at a wedding in which the best man had misplaced the ring. They were trying to stall while we looked for it, so the officiant said to the couple, 'Let's spend a few minutes hearing about why you love each other and are getting married.' And there were crickets."


6. "When the bride laughed uncontrollably at the 'for richer or poorer' part during the rehearsal."

"She promised to get it together during the ceremony, but just burst out laughing again. She never said it."


7. "I attended a wedding in which the husband disappeared two hours into his reception because he was 'bored.' He wasn't cheating — just watching golf videos on his phone."

8. "When the bride showed up late to her own wedding, crying and needing to compose herself because she had just said goodbye to the other guy she was seeing."

"It lasted maybe six months."


9. "We were good friends with a couple who fought all the time — she desperately wanted to get married and he was indifferent. Well, after years of nagging, he finally proposed. And at the wedding, right before he walked out, he looked at us and sighed, 'Maybe now she'll stop nagging me and finally be fucking happy!'"

"They're divorced now."


10. "When — an hour before my cousin's wedding — she mentioned that her 'next wedding' wouldn't be as big."

11. "I overheard the groom in the bathroom telling the groomsmen how excited he was about the honeymoon destination because of all the hot women that would be there."


12. "When the wedding DJ kept playing sad breakup music the whole night."

"I thought it was hilarious at the time, but now they have two kids and are utterly miserable."


13. "When a wedding guest looking out of the window beamed at the groom waiting at the altar and said, 'She's here!' and the groom pretended to run away."

14. "The groom accidentally stepped on the bride's gown while going up stairs, and she slapped him and called him blind. So he turned the other way and left."


15. "When the groom smashed cake in the bride's face during the cake cutting, and she immediately started crying, disappeared to the bathroom for 30 minutes, and barely spoke to him the rest of the night."

"Shockingly, they are still married, but they fight all the time!"


16. "At my best friend's wedding reception, when he and I danced and he leaned into my ear and said, 'It should have been you.'"

17. "When the bride got drunk and started screaming about how much she hated her in-laws...who were in earshot."


18. "During their first dance, the groom kept trying to kiss the bride, and she kept subtly avoiding it."

"They divorced within the first year."


19. "When the bride kept telling anyone who would listen that she booked the wedding through Groupon, and that it was super cheap. She said they hadn't even planned to get married until she saw the deal online!"

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.