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    19 Hysterical Parents Who Stand 100% By Their Choices, And Their Kids Are Here To Give Them Hell For It

    They're giving their kids all the material to troll the hell out of them.

    1. This mom, who keeps this plastic cover on her desktop and doesn't care who knows:

    2. This dad, who thought he was making heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day, but most of them turned out looking a little more like something else:

    3. This mom, who sent her kid this when her phone's keyboard malfunctioned:

    4. This dad, who went to hysterically extreme lengths to let his kid know he wasn't pleased with his behavior:

    5. This mom, whose autocorrect betrayed her in the worst — but most hilarious — way ever:

    sad emoji and the text "I'll have cock" instead of "coke"

    6. This dad, who hilariously tried his best to correct his wrong:

    7. This mom, who refuses to replace her iPad, because, "Why?"

    8. And this dad, who refused to get rid of his old broken phone:

    9. This mom, who organized and labeled the tool chest like this after her husband died:

    tools labeled "thingys"

    10. This mom, who puts her books away like this:

    book on a shelf opened and folded to the page she's on

    11. This mom, who bought something with a mysterious label:

    label description that says "cum absorber"

    12. This dad, who gave his girlfriend's partner this book as a "kind" gesture:

    13. This dad, who has a few books on his nightstand for bedtime reading:

    14. This dad, who out-dadded them all with his invention:

    15. This mom, who has a curious way of putting her vacuum cord away:

    16. This dad, who collects Toaster Strudel frosting in his freezer:

    17. This dad, who needed clearer instructions on putting the curtains up:

    18. This dad, who doesn't check his email nearly as often as he should:

    19. And these, sweet, sweet parents, who are the King and Queen of the status update:

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