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    15 Hilarious Parents Who Don't Even Know How They Got To This Level Of Genius

    We can learn a lot from these parents.

    1. This mom, who didn't have a wine cork, so she used her baby's bottle nipple to do the job:

    2. This mom, who came up with a genius way to eat her cookie undisturbed:

    Person hiding a cookie behind a piece of lettuce
    laurendimesky / Via

    3. This dad, who discovered that in a bind, a diaper makes a great ice cold beer sleeve:

    4. This dad, who figured out a genius way to get his kids to eat tomato soup:

    I would like to nominate my husband for Father of the Year for having the innovation to rename Tomato Soup to Ketchup Soup, thereby getting our kids to actually eat it.

    Twitter: @gfishandnuggets

    5. This mom, who discovered that you don't have to put the laundry away if you make it into holiday decor:

    6. This dad, who wanted to watch the game but his kids wanted him to play Barbies, so he came up with a way to cheat the system:

    7. This dad, who used his toddler's snack container to freeze a perfect ice cube for his nightcap:

    8. This mom, who used a hair tie to keep her toddlers from, er, decorating the bathroom:

    9. And this dad, who wrote a checklist in dry erase marker on the shower wall so his son wouldn't forget to wash, well, everything:

    10. This mom, whose son would only eat Paw Patrol string cheese, so she got creative with some stickers:

    11. This mom, who hung her family's elf like a car ornament to get her kids to behave in the car:

    12. This mom, who decided to use her baby stroller for more than one important purpose:

    13. This dad, who used his kid's carseat to make sure the takeout got home as safely as possible:

    14. This mom, who created a finish line to keep her kids from using all the toilet paper:

    15. And this dad, who used Santa in an unconventional — yet brilliant — way, if there ever was one:

    *First night of family vacation, kids excited fighting in the hotel bed* Husband: You guys. This is one of SANTA’S hotels. Didn’t you know that? We’re in Santa Monica. Santa sometimes lives here. Kids: 😦 If that didn’t earn major dad-genius points, I don’t know what does.

    Twitter: @i