15 Parents Who Took A Deep Sigh And Said, "This Is Not The Day I Had Planned"

    This is not how parenthood was supposed to go.

    1. This dad, who forgot he put his kid's tablet on top of his car, then drove off:

    2. This mom, who let her kids play in the basement for 10 minutes, and this happened:

    3. This mom, whose cake cracked right down the middle:

    4. This dad, who was supposed to draw a picture of his daughter at back-to-school night, and it turned out like this:

    5. This mom, who tried to make Easy Mac and it wasn't so easy:

    6. This dad, who set up the baby monitor and totally missed the "baby" part:

    7. And this dad, whose kid got slime stuck in the worst place ever:

    8. This mom, whose minion pancake art didn't go as well as she expected:

    9. This dad, who cracked an egg and it slipped out of the shell before he could get it into the pan:

    10. This mom, who tried one of those DIY bath bomb kits with her kids, and it didn't go so well:

    11. This dad, who left his baby's diaper off, and found out the hard way that wasn't a good idea:

    12. This mom, who confused the goat cheese with buttercream frosting on her kid's snack:

    13. This dad, who tried to make his kid a ghost-shaped pancake, but it turned out like this:

    14. And this dad, who tried making cookies, and they didn't turn out as he planned:

    15. And finally, this dad, who stumbled upon this hilariously terrifying scene and will never, ever be the same: