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    16 Parents Who The Quarantine Has Turned Into Straight-Up Geniuses

    They're taking it one parent hack at a time.

    1. This mom, who made this sign so her kids wouldn't keep interrupting her while she was trying to work:

    2. This mom, who made herself a pair of new stilettos out of her kids' Legos:

    3. This mom, whose ice maker broke, so she made "ice fingers" with a disposable glove:

    4. This mom, whose nail salon is closed, so she let her kid give her a moulding clay manicure:

    5. This mom, who used her kid's cloth diaper as a coronavirus mask:

    6. This mom, who came up with this genius system to keep her kid from eating everything in the cabinet:

    7. This dad, whose kid wanted a snuggle for a nap but he had a work Zoom call, so he did this:

    8. And this parent, who really needed to get some work done, so they hung a pair of underwear on the doorknob so their kids wouldn't be tempted to touch it:

    9. This mom, who brought her easy chair into the bathroom to get a few moments to herself:

    10. This parent, who crafted some fake McDonald's containers to give their kiddo that fast food feel:

    11. This mom, whose kid really wanted her to play dolls but she had to get some work done, so she had Anna and Elsa "help" her on the computer:

    12. This mom, who figured out a unique way to get her kids to behave:

    13. This mom, who froze her animal figures in water to keep her kids occupied for a little while trying to melt them:

    14. This dad, whose kids said they were "bored," so he had them disassemble a laptop and put it back together:

    15. This parent, who figured out the best way to consume coffee during a quarantine:

    16. And finally, this mom, who figured out that if she kept earbuds in and pretended to be listening to something, her kids juuuuust might get their own lunch:

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