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    17 Things That Will Totally Make You Side-Eye The Next Toddler You See

    Because toddlers, that's why.

    1. Encountering this scene more often than you thought possible:

    2. Oh, and this one? Even more often than that:

    amydawnhenry / Via

    It's just too damn tempting.

    3. Finding your kid in the middle of a self makeover:

    4. And wondering exactly what the phrase "money well spent" refers to:

    Jill McMaster / Via Twitter: @JillMcMaster45

    5. Realizing that you're no longer in charge:

    Jessica Tremmel / Via Twitter: @motherhoodstory

    6. Finding crime scenes and examining the evidence:

    cmor75 / Via

    So we've got motive, and we've got opportunity...

    7. Saying things you never thought you'd have to:

    Maui Mama / Via Twitter: @CrysOnMaui

    8. And asking questions even more bizarre than that:

    9. Accepting that this is the closest you'll get to privacy for a while:

    katarzyna_lb / Via

    10. Finding strange things in unexpected places like this:

    miskovskyful / Via

    11. And this:

    thehonorablemom / Via

    12. Coming across mysterious bite marks and wondering if you have mice:

    ava_wawa / Via

    Props to the committed ass kid who ate through the paper, tho.

    13. And being terrified to turn your back for even a second:

    ahappyfrugallife / Via

    Because, oopsie.

    14. Discovering plenty of these in your iCloud album:

    jlwithus / Via

    15. Learning this cold, hard truth:

    Kelcey Kinter / Via Twitter: @mamabirddiaries

    16. Asking yourself this question more times than you can count:

    Andrea Dance / Via Twitter: @andreadance

    17. And knowing that there is no more perfectly poetic representation of your life now than this:

    dcampbell132 / Via

    Total. Fucking. Chaos.

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