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    15 New Parents Who Thought They Were In Charge And Were So, So Wrong

    Being a new parent ain't easy, but it sure is hilarious.

    1. This new dad, whose baby proved that poop comes in all kinds of colors:

    2. This new mom, who accidentally dropped her (used) nipple shield into her glass of wine:

    3. This new dad, who was so tired that he forgot the cup for his coffee:

    4. This new mom, whose baby vomited on her in the worst place possible:

    beck2689 / Via

    5. This new mom, whose babies gave their room a poop makeover:

    meyemorningglory / Via

    6. This new dad, whose floor looks very different in the morning than it does after a day of playing:

    7. This new mom, who was so tired that she put baby formula in her coffee instead of creamer:

    8. And this new dad, who forgot he was drying the baby bottles in the oven, then preheated it to 450 degrees:

    9. This new mom, whose baby spilled a carton of milk on the floor and played in it:

    10. This new dad, who was up all night with the baby and then put his shorts on inside out:

    11. This new mom, who tried to make a clay mold of her baby's hand as a keepsake, and it ended up looking as if it's flipping her off:

    12. This new dad, who was so tired that he put the bottle nipple onto the milk gallon:

    13. This new dad, whose baby peed on him right where it counts:

    14. This new mom, whose toddler gave Woody the makeover of nightmares:

    15. And this new dad, whose baby's spit-up placement is all just par for the course:

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