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9 Photos That Will Make You Want To Never, Ever Get Pregnant, Then 9 That'll Totally Give You Baby Fever

You'll be so freakin' conflicted, dude.

1. Take a look at this photo, which displays the sheer and unaltered horror that is pregnancy cankles.

bellakanda / Via

But then, omg the total cuteness of teeny-tiny baby feet, you guys!

oylasaint / Via

All cankles forgiven.

2. Now this photo of a huge, uncomfortable AF pregnant belly that puts that other so-called "eclipse" to shame.

sup333r / Via

It literally hurts to look at it. Ouch.

But the total and absolute yumminess of the little guy in this photo easily eclipses all that, amirite?

msbrandis7286 / Via

Activate tingling ovaries immediately.

3. And I know this photo of a momma in excruciating labor pain makes you want to say, "Just don't fucking touch me ever, you're dead to me."

therealbyata / Via

But here's a baby squeezing their momma's finger for the first time to make you forget about all that.

jennamcdonnell6 / Via

Forget about all what?

4. And we all know that blowing chunks all day long for a few months is a complete and total nightmare.

smithscratch / Via

But here are some chunks that'll totally make you change your mind about the word.

virginiamorris6818 / Via

Not even kidding, I'm pinching the hell out of my screen right now and I can't stop.

5. So I bet this photo of a husband taking a selfie while his wife is in labor totally makes you cringe.

jojoyouknowknow / Via

But here's a sweet new dad nuzzling his newborn daughter to make it all better.

LadyMcLain / Via

I mean, seriously you guys.

6. And OK, so this photo of bleeding pregnancy gums might just be the stuff of nightmares.

lily_isla_amelie / Via

You think you know. But you have no idea.

But this baby's gummy smile? Unquestionably the stuff of dreams.

euphoria_lotus / Via

Those dimples, you guys? I can't.

7. And this photo of pregnancy skin brings back horrible memories of your most awkward years.

jackiew0727 / Via

Oh, they didn't tell you?

But seriously, this photo of skin-to-skin contact between this mom and her new love is every damn thing.

jackies_inspiring_journey / Via

8. Now, this photo of a poor pregnant woman stuck laying on her back on the floor eating a pickle might give you some serious doubts.

lavenderandhammers / Via

But this photo of a new momma laying next to her sweet baby should ease every single one.

e_lena_creation / Via

9. And this photo of a pregnant woman wearing car freshener earrings to mask the everyday smells of the world probably makes you wonder why any of us ever do this.

lularoelilaamanda / Via

But this photo of a woman mesmerized by that new baby scent pretty much sums it up.

planetarykristin / Via

Now, if they could somehow make a "new baby smell" car freshener...

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