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17 Hilariously Petty Neighbors You Definitely Don't Want To Live Next Door To

"Love thy neighbor" doesn't always apply.

1. This neighbor, who was petty all up and down the stairs:

richconcepts617 / Via

2. And this neighbor, who isn't exactly the "pave the way for others" type:

alicia_007 / Via

3. This neighbor, with their passive-aggressive wi-fi moniker:

prissa27 / Via

4. This neighbor, who wants everyone who searches your neighborhood on Google Earth to know how he feels about you:

awake270 / Via

5. This neighbor, who clearly thinks your house is a damn Olive Garden:

neighborsfromhell / Via

6. This neighbor, who knows exactly how to greet you:

7. This neighbor, who partied a little too hard:

lilo_379 / Via

"I regret to inform you that I took your doorknob. I was trippin' balls and thought it was a muffin."

8. This neighbor, who posted this important safety alert:

nextdoorbuzzla / Via

9. This neighbor, who totally points out the obvious:

jasonantoon / Via

10. And whichever neighbor posed this uh, festive holiday scene on their lawn:

whitneybarr / Via

11. This neighbor, who knows damn well this will scare the shit out of you:

writercolleenoakley / Via

12. This neighbor, who painted a dick next to her window to make her nosy neighbor really uncomfortable:

mellymellybillyall / Via

13. This neighbor, who tried reverse psychology, but just came off creepy AF:

14. This neighbor, who claimed a prime parking spot:

amelia1028 / Via

15. And this neighbor, who claimed two:

danhall242 / Via

16. This neighbor, who DAF about your complaints:

neighborsfromhell / Via

17. And whichever neighbor somehow managed to get their dildo on the next roof over, because seriously, WTF?

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