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    14 Moms Whose Favorite Hobby Is Trolling The Hell Out Of Their Families

    Momma got jokes.

    1. This mom, who checked in on her daughter in the most savage of ways:

    2. This mom, who trolled her family to the max with a simple slice of pie:

    3. This mom, whose kid left his toys out, so she created this "Netflix and chill" situation with them:

    4. This mom, who has an interesting way of wishing her kids happy birthday:

    5. This mom, whose kid asked for a happy meal, and she gave them one:

    6. This mom, who had a hilarious way of telling her grandkid that their room is smelly:

    7. And this mom, who trolled her kids with the mom joke of all mom jokes:

    8. This mom, who got hilariously honest about where Santa's gifts come from:

    9. This mom, who knows her pop culture and isn't afraid to show it:

    _sylvia_long_ / Via

    10. This mom, who takes her kids' medical problems seriously:

    11. This mom, who told her kid she was sending them something in the mail β€” and this arrived:

    12. This mom, who is excited about her grandkid-to-be, really:

    13. This mom, who makes hilarious rules and expects you to follow them:

    14. And this mom, who may be poking fun, but she's always, always looking out:

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