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    17 Married Couples That Sent Each Other Some Seriously Funny Texts

    Love means never having to say, "Did you get my text?"

    1. They make sure they're speaking the same language.

    2. They embrace domestic life.

    3. They have real conversations about their finances.

    4. They agree to disagree.

    5. They know how to find common ground.

    6. And sometimes they find maybe TOO much common ground.

    7. They are open and honest about their struggles.

    8. They share each other's wit.

    9. They keep each other grounded.

    10. And they know each other like the backs of their hands.

    11. They ask each other the important questions.

    12. They express their frustrations in a healthy manner.

    13. And they keep each other all the way posted.

    14. They reach resolutions.

    15. They leave nothing unsaid.

    16. They totally make their own rules.

    17. And they have all the things in common.