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    21 Married People Who Eat So Weirdly Their Spouses Had No Choice But To Troll Them

    This might be grounds for divorce.

    1. This wife, who eats her corn like this:

    2. This husband, whose manner of eating his apples is a little fancy:

    3. This wife, who somehow manages to do this with her pickles:

    4. This wife, who uses chopsticks to eat her Cheetos:

    5. And this husband, who just jumps right into the watermelon:

    6. This wife, who proves there's more than one way to eat a burrito:

    7. This husband, who finishes everything he starts:

    8. This wife, who completely undresses her ice cream sandwiches before she eats them:

    9. This wife, who breaks the bottom off her cupcake to make it a frosting sandwich of sorts:

    10. This wife, who likes a fistful of brownie:

    11. This husband, who's a serial biter:

    12. This wife, who prefers the Oreo without the cream:

    13. This husband, who cuts directly into the middle of the pizza:

    14. And this wife, who slices her apples into wedges, then leaves the skins:

    15. This husband, who eats his sandwiches like this:

    16. This wife, who leaves the crust of her waffles:

    17. This husband, who goes straight for the middle of the ice cream:

    18. This husband, who eats his corn with some serious precision:

    19. This wife, who doesn't need to bother making the Jell-O, but just eats the powder with a spoon:

    20. This husband, who doesn't bother with the orange slices:

    21. And this husband, whose manner of eating Kit Kats has his spouse contemplating their future: