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    18 Kids Who Tried To Pull One Over On Their Parents, And Got Caught Red-Handed

    Sneaky is as sneaky does.

    1. This kid, who didn't think anyone would notice if they tasted a little bit of the cake's icing:

    2. These kids, who tried to hide some toys to play with after their parents send them to bed:

    3. This kid, who tried to sneak a peek at one of their Christmas presents:

    4. This kid, who snuck and ate all the cream out of the Oreos at her uncle's house:

    5. This kid, who didn't think their parents would notice if they ate the "h" off of the birthday cake message:

    6. This kid, who told her mom she finished her lunch, but her mom later found the cereal container:

    7. This kid, who tried unsuccessfully to hide some Skittles in her boot:

    8. And this kid, who just straight-up tried to stash some Goldfish in hers:

    9. This kid, who snuck a few personal requests onto his parents' grocery list:

    10. These kids, who got up early and snuck to the kitchen to eat every single yogurt ever and got caught:

    11. And this kid, who snuck on their parent's phone and did this:

    12. This kid, who hid a little bedtime snack in his pajama drawer:

    13. This kid, who tried to sneak their own "ornaments" onto the family Christmas tree:

    14. This kid, who hid his blueberries inside a toy house so his mom would think he ate them all:

    15. This kid, who snuck some of her dad's garden tomatoes in her toy lawnmower:

    16. This kid, who hid their mom's keys in their toy kitchen cupboard:

    17. This kid, who couldn't resist a little taste of the Cool Whip while her mom was baking:

    18. And this kid, who sneakily tried to unlock their parent's iPad, and got very, very busted: