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    15 Kids Who Took Their Trolling To A Level Their Parents Didn't See Coming

    Why they gotta do their parents like this?

    1. This kid, whose mom asked her to keep an eye on the time and she did this:

    2. This kid, who thought it would be funny to do this to the brownies:

    3. This kid, who hid this fake roach in the bottom of the laundry basket for their mom to find:

    4. This kid, whose mom made a Gen X mistake of asking her kid to "hang up" the phone:

    5. This kid, whose mom asked him to refill the bathroom cup holder and he did this:

    6. This kid, who put this creepy ass doll in the fan above his mom's bed:

    7. And this kid, who replaced all of the family photos with photos of random dogs:

    8. These kids, whose mom asked them to hang the candy canes on the tree:

    9. This kid, who was savage as hell in a homeschool assignment:

    10. This adult kid, who gave her father her adult footprints for Father's Day along with her baby's:

    willie_robertson_ / Via

    11. These kids, who labeled their parents' bedroom door like this:

    12. This kid, who renamed their parents' Netflix profiles like this:

    13. This adult kid, who knows her mom is particular about how the beds are made so she made hers like this:

    14. This kid, whose mom asked for a cup of water and they brought her this:

    15. And this kid, who removed the letter "M" from "home" to spell something a little less welcoming but a little more hilarious:

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