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    16 Kids Who Are So Smart They Basically Deserve Your Job

    They'll never meet a problem they can't solve.

    1. This kid, who used their mom's maxi pad to keep their crayons from rolling away:

    2. This kid, who duct-taped two toothbrushes together so they could brush their top teeth and bottom teeth at the same time:

    3. This kid, who came up with a genius solution when the water hose at their house broke:

    4. This kid, who made a cool snack bag with a baby wipes lid:

    5. This kid, who found a smart way to keep their chips fresh in a hotel room:

    6. This kid, who discovered a way to keep their tablet from falling forward:

    7. And this kid, whose parent told them to write something, and, well, they did:

    8. This kid, whose parents ran out of batteries, so they discovered you can stuff aluminum foil into the port and the item will turn on:

    9. This kid, who used Legos to make a wall mount for their tablet and phone:

    10. This kid, who discovered that toilet paper also makes great doll fashion:

    11. This kid, who used her doll's legs to make nunchucks:

    In other news, my 7yr old daughter made nunchucks out of her doll's legs. My work as a parent here is done.

    12. This toddler, who wedged their pacifier into their cup so they could alternate between that and their drinking straw:

    13. And this kid, who knows what they need to do to get ahead:

    This kid on a long board using a leaf blower to thrust foward is my new hero 😩😩

    14. This kid, who used a toy ring container to make their mom a mini salt shaker:

    15. This kid, who used her stickers to create a "forever shoe:"

    16. And this kid, whose mom said she had to go to bed right after she finished her cake, so she stopped to "take a break" right here: