19 Hysterically Clever Kids Who Did NOT Have Permission To Make Their Parents Laugh Like This

    Who told them they could be this funny?

    1. This kid, whose pun gave their parents a serious chuckle:

    2. This kid, who wrote a hysterical note to the tooth fairy after accidentally swallowing a tooth:

    3. This kid, who made this "chicken nugget cowboy":

    4. This kid, who made some hilarious adjustments to their parent's calendar:

    5. This kid, who mastered the art of passive-aggressiveness:

    6. This kid, who was hilariously creative when making a pregnant tummy for their Barbie:

    7. And this kid, who is a future CEO for sure:

    8. This kid, who had one goal for the school dance, and one goal only:

    9. This kid, who found their way around what was being asked of them...literally:

    a line going around the maze to connect the beginning and end

    10. And this kid, who is a little — OK, a LOT — accident prone:

    Oh sweet Caroline...

    11. This kid, who made fun of her mom's hatred of peas on her homemade birthday card:

    12. This kid, who is sarcastic when it counts:

    13. This kid, who always keeps it real, even on Father's Day:

    My Father’s Day present from my oldest, who always keeps it real

    Twitter: @_noahzim_

    14. This kid, who renamed the Metamucil, and well, she's not wrong:

    15. This kid, who got super clever way early in the game:

    16. This kid, who is still learning proper word spacing:

    17. This kid, who showed slightly different opinions about his parents in their drawing:

    18. This kid, who is hilariously honest on her schoolwork:

    19. And finally, this kid, who put this creepy-ass image on their parent's car backup camera to scare the crap out of them, and well, mission accomplished: