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    17 Kids Who Came Up With Some Life Hacks An Adult Could Never Come Up With

    Kid hacks are on a whole other level, y'all.

    1. This kid, who stuck a spritzer into a lemon to make a room refresher spray:

    2. This kid, who created a salt and pepper shaker so his mom could season with both of them at the same time:

    3. This kid, who wanted Ariel to have clothes, so they made her a whole accessorized outfit out of Silly Putty:

    4. This kid, who put floaties on the wheels of his toy car to keep it from sinking in the tub:

    5. This kid, who used their Legos to make a tablet stand:

    6. This kid, who created the double-cone ice cream cone to make eating it easier:

    7. This kid, who made a Lego contraption to help reach the light switch:

    8. This kid, who created his own home theater system out of a produce box:

    9. And this kid, who made one using a desk rod and two hangers:

    stephaniechivis / Via

    10. This kid, who used a clothespin to keep their spoon from sliding down into the bowl:

    11. This kid, who attached oil pastels to the wheel of their skateboard to make some funky, cool art:

    12. This kid who lost the ear hook on his video game's Bluetooth, so he improvised:

    13. This kid, whose belt was too big, so he used packing tape to keep his pants up:

    14. This kid, who used a few chip clips to make herself a cool hairstyle:

    15. This kid, who put his snacks in this roller plane so he could take the food with him as he played:

    16. This kid, who created this little pencil stand to keep her pencil from rolling away:

    17. And this kid, who took a layer of Mega Stuf Oreo cream and put it between two Chips Ahoy cookies and is the inventor the world deserves:

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