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    17 Hysterical Kids Whose Mistakes Made Their Parents Laugh Until They Couldn't See Straight Anymore

    They know not the totally hysterical things they do.

    1. This kid, whose latte art is, well, artistic:

    2. This kid, who thought their mom's pads were stickers, and did this:

    3. This kid, who didn't know how to spell "pho," and the results were hysterical:

    4. This kid, who drew this very, very honest picture of their mom:

    5. This kid, whose parent found only half of their drawing and almost lost it:

    6. This kid, who drew a chalk outline of a body on the driveway right before their real estate agent mom's open house:

    7. This kid, whose drawing depicted their mom like this:

    8. This kid, whose mispronunciation is hilariously right:

    My 5 yr old keeps telling people “we’re in a panDAMNit”, and now I’m convinced we’re the ones saying it wrong.

    Twitter: @alexandrafishr

    9. And this kid, who gave Yoda a hilariously placed lightsaber...I think:

    10. This kid, who accidentally overdid it on the condiments:

    11. This kid, who meant to write "dear donors," but wrote their D's backward, so...:

    12. This kid, who hilariously misunderstood the baby changing sign:

    13. This kid, who thought they were writing "plastic containers:"

    14. This kid, who didn't choose her words very carefully:

    *5 yo on her kindergarten Zoom class* Teacher: "So what do you do before joining our Zoom class?" 5yo: "My mommy hits me and says 'do good!" Me, no make-up, bagel crumbs on my face, unexpectedly joining the Zoom class: "SHE MEANS I HIGH FIVE HER HAND!!!"

    Twitter: @stayathomies

    15. This kid, who tried to write "trick or treat":

    16. And this kid, who thought they were writing, "Christmas, a time for glitz":

    17. And finally, this kid, who mistook their mother's sanitary product for a juice, and the rest is comedic history:

    Facebook: adrienne.nibert