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    17 Lazy Ass Kids Who Will Make You Go, "Like, Seriously?!"

    L-A-Z-Y, they ain't got no alibi.

    1. This kid, who calls this putting the leftovers away:

    2. This kid, who couldn't even finish peeling their banana:

    3. This kid, who dropped an egg and instead of cleaning it up, did this:

    4. And these kids, who were about a millimeter from the promised land:

    5. These kids, who couldn't be bothered to use the very conveniently-placed knife in this scenario:

    6. This kid, who thought that the cabinet was an okay place for something like this:

    7. This kid, who was asked to cover the watermelon, and did this:

    8. And this kid, who put a caution cone next to their water spill instead of wiping it the fuck up!!!

    9. This kid, who took scissors to the tube of toothpaste so they didn't have to squeeze:

    10. This kid, who's starting a dishware collection on their bed:

    11. This kid, who left an empty freakin' pizza box in the fridge just because:

    12. These kids, who couldn't possibly go all the way inside the house to throw their trash away:

    13. And this kid, who did too much opening and not enough closing:

    14. This kid, who totally quarter-assed putting their clothes away:

    15. This kid, who made one of the laziest moves a kid could ever make:

    16. This kid, who has him beat:

    17. And this kid, who totally takes home the gold: