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17 Lazy Ass Kids Who Will Make You Go, "Like, Seriously?!"

L-A-Z-Y, they ain't got no alibi.

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1. This kid, who calls this putting the leftovers away:

love_always_chanel / Via

2. This kid, who couldn't even finish peeling their banana:

meonlybettercoaching / Via

3. This kid, who dropped an egg and instead of cleaning it up, did this:

tatianafetzer / Via


4. And these kids, who were about a millimeter from the promised land:

bronniejoelphotography / Via


5. These kids, who couldn't be bothered to use the very conveniently-placed knife in this scenario:

Seriously, guys?
lindavujnov / Via

Seriously, guys?

6. This kid, who thought that the cabinet was an okay place for something like this:

hintontracy20 / Via

7. This kid, who was asked to cover the watermelon, and did this:

tevkourt / Via

8. And this kid, who put a caution cone next to their water spill instead of wiping it the fuck up!!!

Cute, lazy kid...real cute.
mclean_life / Via

Cute, lazy kid...real cute.

9. This kid, who took scissors to the tube of toothpaste so they didn't have to squeeze:

10. This kid, who's starting a dishware collection on their bed:

clarebearslater / Via

11. This kid, who left an empty freakin' pizza box in the fridge just because:

yogibunny212 / Via

12. These kids, who couldn't possibly go all the way inside the house to throw their trash away:

taramayoros / Via

13. And this kid, who did too much opening and not enough closing:

rheannonr / Via

14. This kid, who totally quarter-assed putting their clothes away:

Because half-assing would've been too much effort.
juliebeth417 / Via

Because half-assing would've been too much effort.

15. This kid, who made one of the laziest moves a kid could ever make:

brad_be_bad / Via

16. This kid, who has him beat:

kenleybrame / Via

17. And this kid, who totally takes home the gold:

laurahathaway_realtor / Via

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