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    Here's What 31 Husbands Do To Keep Their Relationships Alive. Also, Get You A Man Like This.

    "When my wife calls, I always answer the phone like an excited child who gets to talk to his biggest hero."

    Not too long ago, we did a post in which husbands shared the ways they keep the spark alive in their marriages, and their responses made us double swoon:

    Here are the most memorable responses, along with some new ones from our readers, who shared the things their husbands and partners do:

    1. "My husband and I have a nightly ritual. He says, 'Sweet dreams,' and I say, 'Dream about me.' Then he always responds, 'I do.'"

    2. "I write cheesy pick-up lines on Post-It notes, and leave them on my wife's coffee cup in the morning."


    3. "I scratch her back when she takes her bra off at the end of the day, and I always 'ooh' and 'ahh' when she steps out of the shower."


    4. "I have chronic spinal pain, and have to sleep on a heating pad every night. Sometimes, my husband turns it on and gets it heated up for me before I come to bed, and it really touches my heart."

    5. "I compliment more than just her physical features. While it's easy to say, 'You're beautiful,' I find it means more to her when I say things like, 'You inspire me.'"


    6. "When she cooks, I take less than enough food the first time so that I can take more later and make her feel good."


    7. "When it's my turn to do the laundry, I leave random things in her pants pockets for her to find later — origami, little notes, cute drawings, jokes, whatever I can think of. I even sometimes throw in random objects I find at work or yard sales — stuff like mechanical parts, labels, toys — anything that will confuse her and put a smile on her face."

    "There's a Lego Batman in a pair of her pants she still hasn't found."


    8. "I buy my wife flowers at completely random times. There's no rhyme or reason — I just see them and think she needs them."

    9. "Once a month, I get a babysitter, take my wife to a nice dinner, we have sex and cuddle at a hotel for an hour, then I leave her at the hotel so she can have a nice morning to herself off from mom duties."


    10. "When we're falling asleep but it's too hot to snuggle, he puts his foot on top of mine instead."

    —Ariane Marquant, Facebook

    11. "My partner and I live in different countries, and we only see each other every six weeks — so keeping our relationship alive takes extra work. But he knows how much hearing his voice calms me down, so he makes sure that he calls me every single night, even if it's just for a few seconds to say goodnight."

    12. "My boyfriend makes me coffee every morning — even if he's up at 5 a.m. for work — and he couldn't believe that nobody had done that for me before. I'm a single parent, and I'm used to doing everything myself, so a nice gesture like that is everything."


    13. "He claps every time I undress. It's so corny, but it really does make me feel beautiful."


    14. "I throw her towel in the dryer for a bit when she's in the shower."

    15. "My husband does the dishes because he knows I hate doing them."


    16. "When my wife calls, I always answer the phone like an excited child who gets to talk to his biggest hero, no matter how my day is going. Trust me, a shitty 'hello' turns into a shitty call, which leads to a shittier 'hello' later, and ultimately a shitty toxic relationship if left unchecked."

    "Sound excited when your wife calls, even if you are standing knee-deep in shit and your sleeve just caught on fire."


    17. "I stash chocolate to give to her when she has a bad day. Sometimes she even asks me if I have any 'secret chocolate.' It makes both our days better."

    18. "My husband of 23 years has been opening my car door since our first date. And he doesn't allow our daughter to get in a car unless the date opens her door."


    19. "I still kiss her goodnight, and I hold her hand while we sleep."

    20. "We share the exact same political views, but most of our family members do not. Well, I was a nationally ranked debater, so expressing my views comes very easily to me, but not as easily to my wife. So whenever she's having one of those intense discussions and she's getting flustered, I hop in and take over the argument for her..."

    "The first time I did, I worried I was overstepping my boundaries, but afterwards — and ever since — she said, 'You totally get me dude. That's why I love you.'"


    21. "I photograph Renaissance faires, and my husband plants flowers in our yard so I have something to photograph when I'm at home."

    "And because of some recent mobility problems, I have trouble getting low to the ground, so he planted a bunch of them in boxes, which he mounted on the railing of the deck, so all I had to do was lean over."


    22. "Sometimes it's as simple as just running into the convenience store while the gas is pumping and grabbing her a Snickers bar just so she knows I was thinking about her."

    23. "Dates. I give her a reason to get dressed up, to have something to look forward to, something to tell her girlfriends about. I just text her the time and the dress code, and it ends up making both of our weeks."


    24. "I love how my husband still shows off for me in the corny — and sometimes cringey — way he did when we first started dating."

    "I usually roll my eyes or shake my head in a playfully exasperated way, but inside I’m swooning! It makes me feel like he doesn’t take our relationship for granted and still wants to 'woo' me."


    25. "Remember to keep saying the things you think. If you think to yourself that she looks pretty, say so. If you remembered how lucky you are to have her while you were listening to your friends complain about their relationships, be sure to tell her when you get home..."

    26. "My fiancé always kisses me good morning — even if I'm half asleep and drooling."


    27. "Little touches whenever she's within arm's reach, and daily texts just to say, 'Hey, sexy. I can't wait to see you later.'"


    28. "It sounds stupid, but I still hold her hand whenever we go out. It really signifies how I feel."

    29. "Always be the guy who's willing to talk to the manager. My wife doesn't like to make a fuss because she's too shy, but if she was given tickets to the wrong movie or her food is missing something, I don't let it slide..."

    "She's embarrassed at first, but she lights up like a kid on Christmas after it's sorted out. I have zero shame when it comes to taking care of her."


    30. "Compliment her on everything — her looks, her outfits, her hair, how she smells, her decisions, her choices in whatever. Let her know constantly that you think she’s the shit."


    31. "My parents have been together for 48 years, and sadly, my dad has cancer and only has days left. Well, he's been scheming behind my mother's back to make it easier on my mom — asking me to send her flowers for him, and having me sort out the taxes. He even asked me to find a card for him to give her for their next anniversary — he won't be here for it, but he still wants to write it one last time. That is love."

    What about you? Does your partner do something really heartwarming, funny, or amazing to help keep your relationship fresh? Do you? Tell us what you or your partner does in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.