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    18 Weddings That Went So Wrong It Was Hilariously Right

    These weddings went so wrong it was hilariously right.

    1. This groom, who had a bit of a photobooth mishap during his reception:

    2. This groom, who accidentally melted the cake topper that represented his spouse:

    3. This couple, whose toddler threw an epic tantrum at the exact most epic time:

    4. This couple, whose centerpiece caught on fire:

    weddingsbymiranda / Via

    5. This kid wedding guest, who stuck a tapered candle into the wedding cake while no one was looking:

    6. This bride and groom, who accidentally sat in the wrong seats:

    7. This flower girl, who was not feeling the bride and groom PDA, tradition or not:

    8. This couple, who parked their getaway car in the wrong spot:

    9. This bride, who got bit by a mosquito in a not-so-inconspicuous place THE NIGHT BEFORE her wedding:

    10. This bride, whose cat sat down right smack on top of her wedding dress:

    11. And this couple, whose dog got to the wedding cake before the wedding:

    12. This wedding party, who forgot to decorate — and wash — the getaway car:

    13. This bridesmaid, who didn't realize she had toilet paper stuck in her dress after using the bathroom:

    14. This groom, who forgot to take the security sensor off of his suit:

    15. And this groom, who somehow forgot his pants altogether:

    16. This couple, whose cat got to their anniversary cake first:

    17. This store, who didn't realize they'd placed a hilariously — and horrifyingly — defective product on the shelf:

    18. And this bride, whose wedding was scheduled on the most wrong day possible: