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    15 Kids Who Aren't Afraid Of Getting Ruthlessly — And Hilariously — Sarcastic With Their Parents

    They can out-sarcasm you any day of the week.

    1. This kid, who asked their grandmother what she wanted for Christmas, and she said, 'Nothing,' so her grandchild made her this:

    2. This kid, who had the best clap-back her mom never even saw coming:

    I used the old “I gave birth to you” on my daughter, she said “That was one time”.

    Twitter: @mayamanion

    3. This kid, who took his sister's creation and thought it would be funny to add a little decoration of his own:

    4. These kids, who trolled their dad like never before on his birthday, no less:

    5. This kid, who had a hilariously sarcastic response to a homework question:

    6. This kid, who used her smarts to work the system:

    My 5-year-old, "how bout we go to Target. You get yourself a drink or whatever you want and buy me a toy." She knows how to work the system.

    Twitter: @BunAndLeggings

    7. This kid, who took her parent's request for a written reminder to the next level:

    8. And this kid, whose mother asked them to draw her a bath, and they did this:

    9. This kid, who left these notes with the cookies they made for Santa to be totally and completely clear:

    10. This kid, who came up with this very important goal for the school dance:

    11. This kid, who knew exactly how to win an argument with their dad:

    My 5yo won an argument with me by saying “I’m just going to agree with myself”

    Twitter: @kevinthedad

    12. This kid, who wrote this very important opinion paper:

    13. This kid, who labeled his dad's Christmas gift like this:

    14. This kid, who left this note on the door of his new friend's parents' house:

    15. And lastly, this kid, who wins the award for most epic use of sarcasm at the end of the dinosaur book she made: