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    16 Husbands Who Went To Hilarious Lengths To Keep Their Spouses Happy

    They'd do literally anything for their partners.

    1. This husband, whose wife roped him into dressing up as one of the twins from The Shining with her for Halloween:

    2. This husband, whose wife really wanted to have an at-home spa day with him, so he willingly participated:

    3. This husband, whose wife really wanted him to take this hilarious photo for his birthday:

    4. This husband, who put his face on a pillowcase so his wife wouldn't get lonely when he traveled for work:

    5. This husband, who let his wife color his mustache:

    6. This husband, whose wife really wanted to see the dresses she ordered which arrived while she was at work, so he modeled them for her:

    7. This husband, who got really, really hands on to satisfy his wife's pregnancy craving:

    Just had to crush ice with a hammer cause we don't have a blender strong enough. #PregnantWifeProblems

    Twitter: @The1Devin88

    8. And this husband, who walked through a blizzard to satisfy his pregnant wife's craving:

    This man walked all the way to #RoyalFarms for these #KrispyCreme #Donuts in a middle of a #Blizzard for his #PregnantWife 6 in the morning😍

    Twitter: @sweetsjdh

    9. This husband, whose wife really wanted Starbucks, but their hotel didn't have it, so he tried to make the hotel coffee as much like the real thing as possible:

    10. This husband, whose wife asked for whipped cream, so he attached a whisk to his drill and made her some:

    11. This husband, who shaved off half his beard and mustache like the lead character of his wife's favorite show, Last Man On Earth:

    12. This husband — a preacher — whose wife really wanted him to record a holiday sermon wearing this:

    13. This husband, whose wife really wanted chicken and waffles, so he used what he had — Eggos and Dino nuggets — to make it for her:

    14. This husband, who made this really awesome "baby in a baby carriage" fruit sculpture for a baby shower his wife was throwing:

    15. This husband, who came up with a whole new country to express to his wife how beautiful he thinks she is:

    16. And finally, this husband, who got all dressed up for his wife's Oscars-inspired ceremony, where he got presented with — you guessed it — the 'Best Husband' Oscar:

    My mom made my dad dress up and presented him with the "Best Husband" Oscar 😂 I want to be this extra as a wife 😂😍

    Twitter: @Reggae_Beauty

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