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    Updated on Sep 16, 2020. Posted on Sep 13, 2020

    17 Husband And Boyfriend Jokes I'm Ashamed To Say I Laughed At

    The sarcasm is real with these guys.

    1. This husband, whose wife asked him to put socks on her cold feet, so he did:

    2. This husband, whose wife asked him for a glass of coke, and he jokingly brought her a glass of cock instead:

    imanniegirlrogers / Via

    3. This boyfriend, whose girlfriend asked him not to leave dishes in the sink, so he did this:

    4. This husband, whose wife asked him to cut her pizza into four pieces:

    5. This boyfriend, who slipped this under the door while his girlfriend was in the bathroom:

    6. This husband, who left this in the garage window to scare the crap out of his wife when she got home:

    7. And this boyfriend, who couldn't resist a little straw pun, but he probably should've:

    8. This husband, whose wife asked him to separate the eggs:

    9. This husband, whose wife likes to snuggle a lot in bed, so he got her this boyfriend pillow to help:

    10. This boyfriend, whose girlfriend knew she shouldn't have taken him to the crafting store:

    11. This husband, who added to his wife's nightly routine checklist:

    12. This husband, who made some adjustments to the holiday decor:

    13. This boyfriend, who knew exactly what to name the Wi-Fi network:

    14. This husband, whose wife asked him for two cups of water:

    15. This husband, whose text sarcasm is oh-so real:

    16. This boyfriend, who drew a penis on the rainy window, because, of course:

    17. And this husband, who committed the cardinal sin of marriage, and clearly thinks it's funny:

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