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    Updated on Sep 10, 2020. Posted on Sep 7, 2020

    17 Husband And Boyfriend Fails That Deserve Some Seriously Loud Laughter

    Their partners will be laughing about these for a while.

    1. This husband, who could have used a proofreader before giving his wife this apology note:

    2. This husband, who put the laundry detergent in the wash...literally:

    3. This boyfriend, who took his girlfriend's request a little too seriously:

    4. This husband, whose wife asked him for a relaxing mask, and he bought her a snorkeling mask:

    5. This husband, whose wife asked him to charge her phone:

    6. This boyfriend, who came close, but not close enough:

    7. This husband, who clearly does not know how to cut an avocado:

    8. This boyfriend, who packed a sandwich for his girlfriend and forgot the top slice of bread:

    9. And this husband, whose wife was reminiscing about going into labor with their child, and he didn't quite get it:

    10. This husband, who somehow accidentally dropped a piece of dog food onto the cookies he was making:

    11. This boyfriend, who "buttered" the toast:

    12. This husband, whose wife asked him to bring home toothpicks:

    13. This boyfriend, who forgot wrapping paper, so he wrapped his girlfriend's holiday gifts in whatever he could find at work:

    14. This husband, who got a late night snack and then sleepwalked to put it in the wrong cabinet:

    15. This boyfriend, whose autocorrect betrayed him in a hilarious way:

    16. This husband, who tried to soften the butter and, well, succeeded:

    17. And this boyfriend, who knew the second his autocorrected text went through the kind of mess he'd gotten himself into:

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