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    15 Husband Texts That Made Their Wives Second-Guess Their Vows

    Literally no one: ................. Husbands: "I'm pooping out of my mind."

    1. This husband, who gives you the updates you didn't want:

    2. This husband, who will annoy you until you own up to what you did:

    3. This husband, who can make anything into something dirty:

    4. This husband, who will let you know if he thinks you have a shopping problem:

    5. This husband, who feels like every king needs a throne:

    6. This husband, who is really proud of his play on words:

    7. And this husband, who thinks he knows the right things to say:

    8. This husband, whose sense of humor is bigger than he is:

    9. This husband, whose wife asked him to text her when he leaves he did:

    10. This husband, who wants you to know he has a backup plan:

    11. And this husband, whose phone's autocorrect betrayed him:

    12. This husband, who's way too into role-playing:

    13. This husband, whose compliments could use a little work:

    14. This husband, who is a little confused:

    15. And this husband, who loves himself some doll humor and isn't afraid to show it: