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    19 Husbands' Texts That'll Make Wives Everywhere Take A Deep Sigh

    "I'm walking through the Christmas section at Target. I feel like I'm cheating on you."

    1. This husband, who knows that every king needs a throne.

    2. This husband, who tells his wife just about everything:

    3. This husband, who knows how to make his PMSing wife smile:

    4. This husband, who committed the ultimate betrayal:

    5. This husband, whose sense of humor is bigger than he is:

    6. This husband, who wants you to know you might have a shopping problem:

    7. And this husband, who wants to stop it before it even starts:

    8. This husband, who knows exactly how to describe his wife:

    9. This husband, who's been doing a little too much Googling:

    10. This husband who knows what he wants:

    11. This husband, who proves that husband jokes put dad jokes to shame:

    12. This husband, who gives himself credit where credit is due:

    13. And this husband, who is his wife's biggest supporter:

    14. This husband, who is a little confused:

    15. This husband, who knows there's nothing wrong with a little doll humor:

    16. This husband, who is proud of how clever he is:

    17. This husband, who's got the music metaphors on lock:

    18. This husband, who knows how to get his wife's attention:

    19. And this husband, who knows that marriage is for better or for worse, in stupidity and in health: