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Do You And Your Spouse Go Against Conventional Marriage "Rules"? Tell Us About It!

Tell us what you do that's way different from the norm.

Obviously, every married couple's relationship is different.

But some married couples do things totally differently from what society expects them to.

So we want to know about the way you and your spouse have made your own rules about marriage and gone totally against convention.

Maybe you sleep in separate beds, separate homes, or even separate countries — and that's what works for you!

Or perhaps you practice totally different religions, and you're raising your family practicing both — or neither!

Maybe you're the wife, and your husband took your last name instead of the other way around.

Or maybe the two of you just came up with a totally new last name altogether.

Or maybe you have a totally unique dynamic that we've never even thought of!

Whatever unconventional way you and your spouse have made marriage your own, we wanna hear about it! Tell us your story — and why whatever you do works for you — in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!