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Parents Of Fur Babies — How Did You Prepare Your Pet For A Real Baby?

Fur baby, meet new baby.

Obviously, your pet is an important member of your family.


But there's no question about it — when a new baby comes, your family's whole dynamic changes.

PupTime / Via Twitter: @PupTime

So we want to know what you did to prepare your pet for your new baby.

Pregnant Chicken / Via Twitter: @pregnantchicken

Maybe you invested in an extra training class or two to get them on their best behavior.

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Or perhaps you let them smell the baby's onesie before you came home from the hospital.


Or maybe you just gave them a little extra quality time since you knew once the baby arrived, it might be hard to come by.

Bianca Spinner / Via Twitter: @bee_spinner

Whatever you did to get your pet ready for the baby, we want to hear about it! Tell us in the Dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!