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    16 Moms Who Are Out Here Living In The Year 3021 While The Rest Of Y'all Are Still Here

    There is some seriously masterful mom hacking going on here.

    1. This mom, who is out here living in the year 3021 with her popcorn-bag bowl invention:

    2. This mom, who discovered that her unused panty liner makes a great makeup-remover pad:

    3. This mom, who discovered that putting her kids' glitter in salt-and-pepper shakers cuts back on the mess:

    4. This mom, who created a vaccination card for her kids' elf so he could visit this year:

    5. This mom, who made a fake tampon box cover to hide her Girl Scout cookies:

    Fake Tampax tampon box
    @mammabearof6 / Via
    Close-up of thin mints label visible on the side
    @mammabearof6 / Via

    6. This mom, who discovered that her baby's diaper is a great buffer for transporting sharp items in the car:

    7. This mom, who put sprinkles on banana slices to get her kids to eat them:

    8. And this mom, who put fruit in an ice cream cone to get her kids to eat it:

    9. This mom, who forgot to wear breast pads and discovered that in a bind, a diaper works just as well:

    10. This mom, whose morning java provided more than one use:

    11. This mom, who found a hilariously smart use for her baby's old bottles:

    I reuse old baby bottles to measure out ounces of alcohol for cocktails. I'm not just a mom; I'm an innovator.

    Twitter: @LizerReal

    12. This mom, who repurposed her kids' old childhood toy:

    13. This mom, who glued coins to the bottom of her kid's shoes to make play tap shoes:

    14. This mom, who got creative to prevent her kid from losing the remote...again:

    15. This mom, who knew exactly what to do with the box from her case of beer:

    The kids & I decided to decorate the #ChristmasTree today. They were so excited but the tree stand was nowhere to be found. I said we could wait until tomorrow, but they insisted I improvise. I give you the only cardboard box I had that would hold the tree up 😂 #CoronaChristmas

    16. And finally, this mom, who took a problem and ran with it in a seriously genius direction: