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    16 Dads Who Should Literally Appear In The Dictionary Next To The Word "Clever"

    These dads make no apologies for their creativity.

    1. This dad, who discovered that an Amazon Prime delivery envelope can double as a great beer sleeve:

    2. This dad, whose kid kept sneezing, so he taped a box of tissues to her tummy for easy grabbing:

    3. This dad, who discovered that a wine rack also makes a great baby food pouch holder:

    4. This dad, who used a muffin pan to create a cool snack tray for his kids:

    5. This dad, who put a spray bottle top on his dishwashing liquid for easier use:

    6. And this dad, who — in a bind — used a rubber glove as a toddler safety lock on his drawers and cabinets:

    7. This dad, who realized his kids' pool makes a perfect drink cooler:

    8. This dad, whose daughter wanted him to play Barbies, but he wanted to watch the football game, so he came up with the perfect solution:

    9. This dad, who found a great way to carry the heavy watermelon he bought:

    10. This dad, who used an ice cube tray to make frozen pancakes for his toddler:

    11. This dad, who attached two hairbrushes together with a hair tie for extra help detangling his kid's hair:

    12. This dad, whose kid's feet got cold on an outdoor trip, so he used what he had on him to help keep them warm:

    13. This dad, who discovered that a Happy Meal box makes a cool house for his kids' animal figurines:

    14. And this dad, who discovered that they are the perfect size to hold his CD collection:

    15. This dad, who wore his ski goggles to keep his eyes from watering while he cut onions:

    16. And this dad, who didn't just make a snowman, he made a whole freakin' snow scene!