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    21 Married People Who Failed So Bad Their Spouses Couldn't Help But Laugh

    Things just aren't going their way.

    1. This wife, whose attempt at a sexy "behind the curtain" photo turned out like this:

    2. This husband, who put his wife's tampons away in the pasta cabinet:

    3. This wife, who forgot she had some leftovers in the oven and then heated it up:

    4. This husband, who waited a little too long to clean the lint trap:

    5. This wife, who discovered she's not so good at grilling corn:

    6. This wife, who planned to serve delicious pizza for dinner and then dropped it, badly:

    7. This husband, who had a bit — OK, more than a bit — of a pot mishap:

    8. This wife, who was writing her husband a note and forgot to finish it:

    ChronicIdealist / Via

    9. And this wife, whose handmade wreath ended up looking a bit like a vagina:

    mikedance88 / Via

    10. This wife, who didn't get the memo:

    11. This wife, who tried to wash her husband's pillow and this happened:

    12. This husband, who put the top of the vitamins back on like this:

    13. This wife, who accidentally did the laundry before checking the pockets and washed her husband's business cards:

    14. This husband, whose wife asked him to replace the hand towel, and he did, with this:

    15. This wife, who remembered the cream and forgot the coffee:

    16. This wife, who tried to help give her husband a haircut and forgot to take the guard off, so this happened:

    17. This husband, who sent flowers to his wife's job for her...and forgot that she was out of the office that day:

    18. This wife, who tried to make some focaccia bread and it didn't turn out quite like she expected:

    19. This husband, who just couldn't help himself, and on Valentine's Day no less:

    20. This wife, who dropped the dinner and the wine:

    21. And this husband, who kept forgetting his lunch so his wife wrote this on his lunch bag...and he still forgot it: