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    19 Parents Who Are No Amateurs When It Comes To Getting Out Of A Bind

    They can hack their way out of any situation.

    1. This dad, who overheated his baby's bottle, so he put it in a water filter with cold water, and by the time the water was finished filtering, the bottle was ready:

    2. This mom, who discovered that a diaper can serve as an emergency table corner bumper so her kid wouldn't get hurt:

    3. This mom, whose toddler kept getting into the kitchen cabinets, so she used a little duct tape to keep them closed:

    4. This mom, who didn't have any bandages, so she taped one of her period pads to her kid's wound:

    Jelly Lunch / Via Twitter: @kellylynch69

    5. This dad, who used an ice cube tray to help his kiddos eat without making a mess:

    6. This mom, whose kid couldn't reach the light switch, so she came up with this straw contraption to help:

    7. This mom, who forgot her breast pads, so she decided to use one of her kid's clean diapers:

    8. This mom, who really wanted to make some sushi, but she didn't have any sushi rollers, so she used foil instead:

    David Hines / Via Twitter: @hradzka

    9. This mom, who forgot to bring a spoon for her baby's snack, so she made one out of a plastic fork:

    10. This mom, who lost her vacuum extension but discovered that a PVC pipe works just as well:

    11. And this mom, who used her space heater at work to warm up her cold breast pump flanges before using them:

    12. This mom, who put her Christmas tree inside her baby's playpen to keep her from yanking on it:

    13. This dad, whose daughter's hair tie broke, so he got creative with a coffee stopper:

    14. This mom, whose kid didn't want to put their laundry away, so she put their basketball hoop above the hamper to make a game out of it:

    15. This mom, who used her flat iron to quickly get wrinkles out of her kiddo's clothes:

    16. This mom, who couldn't find any sleds, so she discovered a pool float from Target works just as well:

    stylinkidootd / Via

    17. This mom, who used her baby stroller to help her go apple picking:

    18. This mom, whose kid's doll hair kept dripping onto the floor after pool time, so she used a balloon to make it a little swimming cap:

    19. And this mom, who used her kid's cloth diaper as a quarantine mask in a bind, because a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do:

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