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    Updated on Jul 30, 2020. Posted on Jul 29, 2020

    17 Kids Who Pulled Off Some Pranks Their Parents May Never Forgive Them For

    They may have gone a little too far.

    1. These kids, whose mom asked for a cup of tea, and they brought her this:

    2. This kid, who used some Nutella to create a "poop" disaster to freak their mom out:

    3. This kid, who gave her clueless dad a scare à la Madonna:

    4. This kid, who got clever with his mom's feminine products:

    5. These kids, who put plastic wrap over their parents' toilet bowl for an unpleasant surprise:

    6. This kid, who ate the last of the cookies, then renamed the jar:

    7. This kid, who sneaked a fake roach into the lampshade to scare the crap out of his parents:

    8. And this kid, who put one on his clothes to scare his mom when she unpacked his suitcase:

    9. This kid, who left the cereal like this for her mom to find:

    10. These kids, who changed their parents' Netflix profiles to these:

    11. This kid, who framed a photo of Kim Jong Un and added it to her dad's office pictures:

    kelleydupre / Via

    12. These kids, who replaced their parents' toilet paper with a roll of masking tape:

    13. This kid, who thought it would be funny to put this fake spider on his mom's coffee:

    14. These kids, who filled their mom's closet with balloons:

    15. These kids, who kept leaving this stormtrooper around corners for their mom to stumble upon:

    16. These kids, who thought interrupting their parents' sleep to make this joke was funny:

    17. And this adult daughter, who gave her parents' smart TV a name that they will never live down:

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