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    18 Hysterical Husbands Who Didn't Mean To Embarrass Their Spouses Like This. It Just Happened.

    They embarrassed them within an inch of their lives.

    1. This husband, who must have gotten his signals crossed:

    2. This husband, who helped get the guest room ready for his sister-in-law like this:

    3. This husband, whose misunderstanding led to a hilariously embarrassing moment of oversharing:

    Friend: What did your wife do just before she had the baby? Me: She went "FUUUUUUUUCK!" and a bit of poo came out. Friend: I meant work wise. Me: oh, book keeping.

    Twitter: @jcautomatic

    4. This husband, who tied a dog poop bag to his luggage so he would know which piece of luggage was his at the airport:

    5. This husband, who created this hilarious car scene while his wife shopped for craft supplies:

    6. This husband, who sent the wrong message at the exact wrong time:

    7. This husband, who accidentally went out wearing two very, very different shoes:

    8. This husband who made some, er, adjustments to the to-do list his spouse took with them to run errands:

    9. This husband, who couldn't resist getting inside the refrigerator at Costco:

    10. And this husband, who RSVP'd to a wedding like this:

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    11. This husband, who embarrassed his wife by putting the leftovers away like this:

    12. This husband, who was in charge of getting the cake and had the bakery write this message on it:

    13. This husband, who "helped" hang the Christmas wreath on the house like this:

    14. This husband, who photobombed his wife's glam shot:

    15. This husband, who got a little immature in the store:

    16. This husband, who renamed the TV in a seriously embarrassing way:

    17. This husband, who went a little overboard while on vacation:

    18. And this husband, who knows how to give his new neighbors a seriously embarrassing welcome to the neighborhood: