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17 Hilarious Neighbors Who Refused To Hold Back With Their Halloween Decorations

Some houses go for spooky. They went for the comedy.

1. This neighbor, who created a hysterically creepy Halloween display inspired by Stranger Things:

looks like a person is hanging from a telephone wire, hovering over a garage

2. This neighbor, whose Halloween decorations did a take on a hilariously popular meme:

2 human skeletons and a cat skeleton at a table outside
closeup with a plate of salad in front of the skeleton cat

3. This neighbor, who created a hilarious mooning scene out of pumpkins:

pumpkin in a pair of pants

4. This neighbor, who got clever with a nod to Hamilton, the musical, complete with hilariously appropriate tombstone phrases:

tombstone that reads, he threw away his shot
tombstones for angelica schuylen and aaron burr
tombstones for eliza schuyler and peggy

5. This neighbor, who created this scene from It in the gutter in front of their home:

looks like a person in raincoat is looking down the gutter by a balloon

6. This neighbor, who created a skeleton "spa day" scene in their yard:

bunch of skeletons in the yard getting mani's and pedi's

7. This neighbor, who created a hilarious scene of living dolls who turned on their owner:

around 20 dolls in the yard propped up to hold a person in a trash bag

8. And this neighbor, who got hilariously clever with this Jurassic Park Halloween display:

a jurassic park entrance made in front of the garage
"danger: velociraptor containment"
a blow up dinosaur laying down
jurassic park jeep

9. This neighbor, whose Grateful Dead display was a little tongue-in-cheek:

skeletons in a band in the front yard

10. This neighbor, whose Halloween display was a hilariously awesome nod to the Beatles:

skeletons stood up to look like the beatles album cover of them crossing the street

11. This neighbor, who used their whole house to get in on some hilarious Halloween fun:

the windows look like eyes and the porch looks like a grimacing smile

12. This neighbor, who created a low-lift decoration on the yard:

googly eyes put in a bush

13. This neighbor, who created a skeleton Zoom scene in their front yard:

skeleton sitting at a desk with a projection screen of a zoom call

14. These neighbors, who created a skeleton binge drinking scene:

skeletons hunching over a trash can

15. This neighbor, who repurposed their Halloween decor at Christmastime:

skeletons in santa hats lounging in the front yard

16. And this neighbor, who hilariously repurposed their decorations for summer, because why not:

skeletons with beach balls

17. And lastly, this neighbor, whose decorations weren't supposed to be funny, but alas:

blow up decorations looking like they're fighting