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17 Grandparents Who Made Some Innocent Mistakes They Will Probably Never Live Down

Keep these grandparents in your thoughts and prayers.

1. This grandpa, whose grandchild asked for peanut butter and jelly, but he heard "peanut butter and jello":

2. This grandma, who tried to make turkey knuckle napkins for her family's holiday dinner, and they turned out like this:

3. This grandma, who mistook an iPad for a cutting board:

IonnaTrailer / Via

4. This grandma, who made an embarrassing Facebook faux pas:

5. This grandma, who didn't notice the design on the pants she sent her grandkid:

6. This grandma, who gave her grandkids some mysterious squishies for Christmas:

Y’all. My mom got all of the grandkids these little squishy animals that came in one order all together. She put them in their stockings. 2 days ago my young niece asked my brother what kind of animal hers is. 😳😳😳 What! #christmasfail #grandmafail

7. This grandma, who put her grandchild's diaper on backward:

8. This grandma, who accidentally posted this rude GIF on a Facebook photo of her granddaughter:

9. This grandma, who tried to make Jiffy Pop with her grandkids and set the popcorn on fire:

10. And this grandma, who knitted these questionable "handle huggers":

11. These grandparents, who didn't hear the oven timer on these tortillas:

12. This grandma, who hasn't yet gotten the hang of Facebook Messenger:

13. This grandpa, who had a "pepper shaker blowout" while cooking with his grandson:

14. This grandma, who was just trying to put the straw in her grandkid's Capri Sun:

15. This grandma, who didn't notice the naughty piece of chocolate in the candy she bought her grandchildren:

16. This grandma, who got her grandkid Clint a birthday cake that looks like it says something else:

17. And this grandma, who crocheted this unfortunate shark blanket for her grandson, but she tried, y'all, she tried:

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