17 Husbands And Wives Whose Spouses Definitely Married Them For Their Creativity

    They can out-improvise you any day of the week.

    1. This wife, who boiled eggs in the coffee maker so she didn't have to wait for water to boil:

    2. This husband, who ran out of ice, so he used an ice pack to keep his drink cold:

    3. This wife, who discovered that attaching an air freshener to a robot vacuum works to freshen the house:

    4. This husband, who made a nail polish holder out of an egg carton:

    5. This wife, who used chalkboard labels to remind her family how long to cook pasta:

    6. This husband, who used swim goggles to protect his eyes while he chopped onions:

    7. This wife, who discovered that her kid's old pacifier makes a great bottle cork:

    8. This wife, who used the toaster's spokes as a tablet holder so she could watch it while she cooked:

    9. And this husband, who used the toaster to reheat leftover pancakes, so they wouldn't get mushy:

    10. This wife, whose power went out, so she fashioned a lamp by putting a flashlight in an empty milk gallon:

    11. This husband, who used an egg carton as a makeshift ice cream cone holder:

    12. This wife, whose refrigerator went out, so she taped a Lunchables snack to the air vent to keep it cool:

    13. This husband, who discovered that his power drill does a great job of beating egg whites:

    14. And this wife, who used the stand mixer to shred chicken:

    15. This wife, who used a paperclip to hold her cocktail olive when she ran out of toothpicks:

    16. This husband, who DIY'd a candle out of an orange peel and some olive oil:

    17. And this wife, who somehow fashioned an avocado Jabba the Hutt for May the 4th, and idk, but it's amazing: