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    18 Parents Who Woke Up This Morning And Chose "Genius"

    They have this parenting thing down pat.

    1. This mom, who used a food tent from the dollar store as a tent for her kid's dolls:

    2. This mom, who figured out the best way to keep her Girl Scout cookies to herself:

    Box of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies

    3. This dad, whose repurposing of cereal boxes as an after-school filing system was a stroke of genius:

    4. This dad, who realized his beer carrier could double as a baby bottle carrier:

    5. This parent, who used a diaper as a mess-free burrito holder:

    6. This dad, who used a stroller bag hook to carry all of the kids' water bottles and sippy cups:

    7. This dad, who didn't have a hair tie for his kid at a restaurant, so he discovered that the paper napkin ring works just as well:

    8. And this dad, who discovered that twist ties do the job pretty well too:

    9. This mom, who used her kid's wagon to bring the groceries inside the house:

    10. This dad, who enlisted the help of one of his kid's toys to hold his popcorn:

    11. This mom, who tied a hair tie around the pump of the hand soap to keep her kids from pumping too much at once:

    12. This dad, who didn't have a hose, so he repurposed a dust pan to fill his toddler's pool:

    13. This mom, who used Velcro strips to keep her remotes in one place:

    14. And this dad, who got tired of his kids losing his, so he made it that much harder:

    15. This mom, who figured out a genius way to get her kid to eat their fruit:

    Facebook: janecassie

    16. This dad, who realized that in a bind, you can use straws to blow up an inflatable toy:

    17. This mom, who discovered that adding a few sprinkles got her kids to eat their bananas:

    18. And this mom, who came up with a great food-cooling system for her kid's nuggets and fries, and we may never use a car air vent for anything else: