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    14 Elf On The Shelf Fails That Are As Hysterical As They Are Unfortunate

    These parents tried. They really, really tried.

    1. This parent, who hid their kids' elf in the oven, forgot about it, and then turned on the oven:

    Brittany Mease / Via Facebook

    2. This parent, whose "elf making snow angels" scene was really adorable...until their cat mistook the "snow" for kitty litter:

    Katie Wright / Via Facebook: katie.wright.391

    3. This parent, who thought it would be cute to set up a candle marshmallow-roasting scene...until the marshmallows caught on fire and almost burned the house down:

    Teresa Tangen / Via Facebook: photo

    4. This parent, who hung their kids' elf from the ceiling in the kitchen and it fell, so the kids woke up to find it drowned in a soaking pot:

    5. This parent, whose elf "zip-lining" from fishing wire was a cool idea...until her kid stumbled upon him floating in midair like this and was scared to death:

    Facebook: karen.g.martinez.9

    6. This parent, who put their elf a little too close to a light fixture and burned its face off:

    7. This parent, whose dog got to the elf before she could save it:

    8. And this parent, whose elf-Barbie fishing scene was super cute...until Barbie's dress slipped and made the elf look like a creep...

    Justin Carver / Via Facebook: photo

    ...with a capital "C":

    Justin Carver / Via Facebook: photo

    9. This parent, whose kids' elf made a cute little chocolate chip "poop" on the side of the toilet and then promptly fell in:

    10. This parent, who tried the snow angel thing too, but her kiddo got to the sugar "snow"...right before school:

    Facebook: jaycee.ingalls

    11. This parent, who tried to set up a scene where the elf chewed bubble gum and blew a bubble from their butt...but it deflated and looked more like diarrhea:

    Amy Lynne Fossette / Via Twitter: @AmCo711

    12. This parent, whose elf's "Be good" toothpaste message melted into something cryptic:

    13. This parent, who tried to have his kids' elf draw minions on some fruit, but they didn't quite turn out as he'd hoped:

    14. And finally, this poor, poor parent, who sat their kids' elf on a light fixture and it burned straight through his jingle bells:

    Hang in there, parents — Christmas is almost here!

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